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How we are helping...

Small Business Owners

We encourage different Business owners to identify a NAICS Code that covers the most possible coverage of the services they provide. It is like painting room with the largest Brush possible.


How we are helping...

Large Business Owners

Through the search information we provide to the Owner of a Company, we can also see the Point of Contact for the contract they are interested in.  Historically check the volume of buying done by that agency.


How we are helping...

Tribal Entities

Through the Information we will provide to the owner of a company. The owner can make rational decisions and take the information to their Banker as to why they are interested in working with a particular Agency.

Lost in the MAZE of working with the Federal Government? 

Let Channell Consulting help!
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  • Channell Consulting group is here to help you through the maze of working with the Federal Goverment
  • We help business owners get a clear picture of who is buying the goods they are selling
  • We can show you how they are buying those goods via Type of Contracts, Point of Contact, Value of Contract

Good business is getting people going in the same direction together!

Channell Consulting helps with Federal Government Contracting Maze

Second Quarter for the Federal Market

The second quarter is a season of discovery in the federal world.  Their second quarter is actually January - March. There are a series of meetings hosted by each state offices of PTACs (Procurement and Technical Assistance Centers) or SBDC’s (Small Business Development Centers). These more ...

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